We find it really sad that many people do not know much about finance. It is something that we do not get taught in school and this means that often we grow up without much idea about managing out money at all. This can often lead to problems as we have no idea how to budget, how to choose the best financial products for us, what the benefits are of saving or things like this. Therefore, we decided that we would do our best to change this and decided that we would try to help. Therefore, we put together this website with lots of information about managing money, borrowing and making financial decisions. We have included ideas on what you should consider when you are choosing financial products so that it is much easier for you to pick the right one. We hope that this will help a lot of people to start thinking about how important finance is and will help them to start making better decisions when it comes to choosing products as well. We see it as a small step towards learning a lot more and hope that once people have used our website they will continue to learn more and more so that they can get better and better at managing their money.