Store Cards

Which Stores Cards Should I Choose?

There are many stores that offer store cards and if you are thinking of getting one then you might wonder which one will be the best one to choose. There are lots of reasons for picking particular cards but it is worth thinking about the following as well as any that you can think of yourself:

Stores You Use Most

It will make sense to choose cards from the stores that you use the most. If there is a particular shop that you favour other others then it would make sense to choose that one. However, you could find that you shop at lots of different shops and so that is not an easy decision to make. It could be good to perhaps look at other factors instead.

Cards with Best Deals

A store card will often have a deal with it. It might be that you get a discount when you sign up or you get to go to a preview sale evening or other things. It is a good idea to investigate what the deals are on the cards and then you can compare them and work out which you think might be the most suitable for you.

Cheapest Interest Cards

It is also a good idea to look at the interest rate on the card. The cards will vary in how much interest they charge and so it could be a good idea to pick the one with the lowest interest. However, this will be more important if you think that you will not repay the card in full each month. Some people will repay the card in full and therefore they will not be so concerned with the interest rates. However, it is a good idea to find out how much they are as this could act as an incentive to make sure that it is repaid in full. Also you cannot be completely sure that you will always be able to repay the card in full.

Cheapest Shop

It could be worth considering getting a card for the shop that is the cheapest. This is because if you get carried away shopping with the card or you decide to shop more in the shop that you hold the card for, you will not have to pay out so much as things will be cheaper. Hopefully you will not get too carried away with your shopping and end up spending too much money but in case you do, it could be worth getting a card for a cheaper shop so that you can still buy lots of things without spending so much money.

So, you can see that there is a lot to think about when it comes to store cards. You will need to decide which might be the best for you with regards to how you expect to use them. If you think that you will always repay the full balance each month and therefore pay no interest, then it is good to look for the card with the best deals However, if you think that you will not repay the full balance each month you should more closely at the interest rates and the prices in the shop. It can even be worth thinking about whether getting a card at all is a good idea. You need to consider that if you spend a lot on the card, you could end up with high interest to pay and also with a big debt to pay. So think about whether it will be a good idea for you, based on how you tend to be with money.